Reserve an Instrument

Please read before reserving any time with the instruments in this facility.
Remember that you must have filled out either a new user form (BDAccuri) or a sort request form (BDFACSAriaII) in order to reserve any time with the instruments in the flow core.  Any requests received from users who do not have information on file with the facility will be rejected and deleted.  If you have filled out your form and all information is the same, simply proceed with your reservation by doing the following:

  1. Click check-in
  2. Select your date
  3. Select your begin and end time
  4. Fill out the associated information
  5. Click book now

Applications should be submitted at minimum 2 days before an appointment. If you have filled out your form and some minor information has changed (fluorochromes, nozzle size, etc), simply email the operator.  Please notify the operator of these changes before reserving time with the instrument to verify that these changes will not affect your analysis/sort.  If any major information has changed, (such as your cell type, infectious agents, sample preparation that may affect sorting, etc) please fill out a new sort request before proceeding with reservation of instruments.  Failure to do so could mean that your samples will not be sorted when you bring them to the facility, resulting in billing for time that you did not use.

With these guidelines in mind, please proceed with reserving an instrument in the Syracuse University Flow Core.  Thanks for choosing our facility!