Flow Core Adds FluoroFinder

The flow core facility recently acquired the services of FluoroFinder, a service which will allow users a more interactive way to understand the laser/filter configurations of our instruments, as well as build panels for their individual experiments.  Our site with Fluorofinder (syracuse.fluorofinder.com) reflects the instruments found in the core and provides up-to-date information regarding the available lasers and filters.  The advantage of this service is that it allows users to interactively build multicolor flow cytometry panels around a particular instrument, providing a wealth of information regarding various available fluorophores that are compatible with the instrument and experiment in question.  Prospective panels can be saved for future work and can even be sent to the operator for further review.  This is a tremendous service that we think will really benefit our users, regardless of familiarity with flow cytometry.  We hope you will consider using the service for your upcoming experiments and give us your thoughts on the application.  Check back soon for a step-by-step tutorial on using FluoroFinder, and as always, thank you for using the flow core!