Syracuse University Flow Core Instruments
The flow core houses three instruments: one flow cytometer for analyzing samples, and a cell sorter for separating up to four populations from mixed samples.  It is important to understand the design, function, configuration, and limitations of the instrument in order to best design your experiment.

Click here to learn more about the BDAccuri C6 Plus flow cytometer.

Click here to learn more about the BDFACSAria cell sorter.

The flow core is on FluoroFinder!  Use this service to search for fluorophores, antibodies, or stains, find equivalent colors to one you might have in mind, search through a catalog of probes spanning several companies at a glance, and build a panel that is already compliant with the configurations of the instruments in our core.  Have questions about using Fluorofinder?  Visit our help page or contact the operator to learn more.  Happy building!

Please contact the operator with any questions.

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