Fee Schedule

The fees for use of the flow core facility instruments are outlined in the following table.  Please note that there is a 30 minute minimum reservation/charge for flow cytometry, while there is a one hour minimum reservation/charge for cell sorting.  For flow analysis (using the cell sorter for flow cytometry, with no cell sorting), there is no minimum time reservation or charge. If you cannot make an appointment or need to change the experiment, a cancellation notice must be received AT LEASE 24 hours prior to the scheduled experiment by emailing to the operator.

When usage falls short of the minimum time reservation (i.e., 15 minutes used of flow cytometry when minimum reservation is 30 minutes), then the user will be charged for the amount of the minimum reservation time.  Users are encouraged to bring enough samples to fill the minimum reservation time.  When usage exceeds the minimum sample time (i.e., 45 minutes of flow cytometry used when minimum reservation is 30 minutes), then rate will be applied to the time used (i.e., 0.75hr x $36/hr for flow cytometry).  Invoices for services performed by the Flow Core are generated on a monthly basis and contain charges for the previous month.  Please direct any questions related to billing or fees to the operator.

Each system and sample submitted for analysis and/or sorting is very different!  Some may be fairly straightforward, while for others, it may be relatively difficult to capture the exact conditions or population you are looking for.  We recognize that this is the case, and are willing to work with users to find the conditions that are necessary to analyze or sort each cell type or system.


Please note that invoices are processed monthly, at the end of the month, by the flow core staff.  Payment is due within 30 days from the date on the invoice.


User Flow Cytometry Flow Analysis Cell Sorting
SU Users  $36.00/hr $77.00/hr  $77.00/hr
External Academic Users  $50.00/hr $100/hr  $100/hr
External Non-Academic Users  $75/hr $150/hr  $150/hr